Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions of sale will apply to this contract. The rights to modify these terms are reserved by LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading Co LLC. Unless otherwise specified in writing, these terms and conditions shall control the relationship between the parties.


The seller in these terms and conditions is LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading co LLC, which also operates the website www.medicalmart.ae, and the buyer in these terms and conditions is the person who buys items from the seller.


LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading co LLC's catalogue and website only offer products and product information to licensed healthcare professionals, and all sales are conducted purely on a business-to-business basis. LifeKare Medical Equipment and any affiliated businesses disclaim all responsibility for any losses or damages incurred by unauthorized uses of the items. If LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading co LLC determines that a Buyer is not a trade customer, it may decline to accept orders.


The prices listed on the website and catalog are all in UAE and do not include VAT, which will be added where necessary at the rate in effect on the date of the invoice. Although the prices in the catalog and on the website were accurate when they were displayed or printed, the seller maintains the right to alter them at any time and without prior notice.


Cash is due upon delivery.


All shipments are made within 24 hours after the order time.


If the buyer does not notify the seller in writing within three (2) days of receiving the goods, the seller is not responsible for any deficiencies in quantity delivered, damage or loss, or product defects. The notification must include the buyer's name and address, the good's amount and description, the invoice's number and date, as well as the buyer's name and address. If liability is accepted, the Seller's only obligation is to, at its discretion, make good on any shortages or non-delivery, and replace any items that are damaged or defective, and/or reimburse the Buyer for the cost of any such goods.Ifgoodsareorderedinerror,thebuyermustrequestanauthorizationformfromthesellertoreturnthegoods.Nomerchandisewillbeacceptedasareturnwithoutapre-approvalnumber.Goodsmustbereturnedunusedandintheoriginalpackagingwithin7daysofreceipt.SellerwillnotberesponsibleforlostpackageswithoutshippingconfirmationtoSeller.If goods were ordered in error, the buyer must pay the cost of return shipping. If the goods are returned because they are defective or damaged, the seller will bear the cost of return shipment.


All items are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Please contact the seller's customer service department for exact warranty terms. Seller does not provide any warranty other than or in addition to that provided by the manufacturer.


Once an order has been accepted, it may be cancelled only if the item is no longer in stock or its manufacture has not yet begun. Cancellation requests must be made in writing. Changes can only be accepted if the item has not yet been manufactured or shipped. All deviations must be communicated in writing.


When you place an order with www.lifekare.ae, we will send you an email confirming receipt of your order and listing its details. Your order constitutes an offer to purchase a product, which is accepted by us when we ship the product to you. Any Products included in the same order but not shipped are not part of this Agreement.


All content on the website is the property of LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading co LLC or our suppliers. All software used on this website is the property of LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading co LLC or our software suppliers. LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading co LLC grants you a limited license to access and make personal use of this site, but not to download (other than page caching) or modify it, or any portion of it, except with written permission from LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading co LLC. This license does not include resale or commercial use of this site or its contents, downloading or copying account information for the benefit of another seller. Neither this website nor any portion thereof may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without the consent of LifeKare Medical Equipment Trading co LLC


All merchandise is subject to availability in stock.

Return policy

Did you order the wrong product? Or maybe you want to exchange the product you ordered? Whatever the reason, if you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, we can help you arrange a return.

First, make sure your return meets the following criteria:

The product you ordered is returnable and is not on the list of non-returnable health products (see below).

Your return request is within 7 days of receiving your order.

The product has not been used and is in new condition.

The product is in its original packaging and contains all instructions

What products cannot be returned?

Call us first and we will be happy to help you decide. Goods that are generally not returnable include:

CPAP Accessories –Masks, humidifiers, hose pipe Non-returnable if package is opened.

Hygiene products - Non-returnable if packaging is opened.

Toiletries - Non-returnable if the package is open.

Suspenders, splints - Non-returnable if the package is opened.

Pillows - Not returnable if package is opened.

Bath products (including commodes, raised toilet seats, shower chairs and bath benches) - Not returnable if package is opened.

Gel mattress pads - Not returnable.

Gel pillows - Not returnable.

Skin cream, lotions - Non-returnable.

CPAP Accessories - Non-returnable if package is opened.